Wizard Of Paws was founded on the behalf dedicated to help make the US a no-kill environment. We believe that we can change these odds that innocent animals have to face every single day. We are happy to be a supporter of the Austin Pets Alive Organization! You can help us reach our goal by saving as many lives of innocent animals as we possibly can. We will be donating a portion of each purchase to contribute to these innocent animals. We are believers in the power of a strong community and how impactful a community becomes when it stands together. After many years volunteering at non-profit animal shelters we saw that the only solution to the problem was to become a huge impacting force to educate all the people around the world.

We are a happy to be a supporter of the Austin Pets Alive Organization! 

WHY Austin Pets Alive Organization? 

Since their inception in 2008, Austin Pets Alive has saved more than 50,000 dogs and cats who faced euthanasia in other shelters. Their success has come from the formation of different programs like Parvo Puppy ICU and Dog Behavior Program which target the demographics of animals who were previously killed in municipal shelters due to their health or behavior problems. And overall to promote and provide the resources, education and programs needed to eliminate the killing of companion animals.

This year marks the seventh anniversary of Austin’s no-kill status that was put in place by the City Council with help from Austin Pets Alive, ultimately making the city the largest no-kill city in the country after one year from the plan’s implementation. The world has taken notice on the impact a community can make when they unite together for a great cause. We are very proud to able to help a local shelter thats extremely close to our hearts!